IEPPal iPad Application

IEPPal is an iPad based data collection tool that enables Special Education Professionals of ALL DISCIPLINES from Speech and Language to OTs to Autism and even General Ed to capture observed student event data. Designed around an emerging touch screen handheld market, IEPPal’s primary aim is to allow for data to be collected easily during structured sit down sessions or in ad-hoc field environments. Read more...

23 Avenue iPad Application

An elegant cloud solution for the restaurants and chains, with mobile/tablet add ons for smooth cutting edge operations! Totelier suite comes with all that is necessary to run single mom-n-pop restaurants to multi-vertical chains spread across geographical areas. A total solution with mobility and cloud in mind, this easy to setup and operate suite of tools give both agility and operational elegance for its users . It comes with cloud based centralized back office web application to customize and configure business verticals, outlets, menus and access rights.Read more...

Church Equip Mobile & Web Applications

Church Equip is the ultimate church management solution and yes, the answer to your prayers! With Church Equip, you can now manage your church easily and instantly and that too at your very fingertips. What’s more, our feature-rich web and advanced mobile applications will help you manage your church from anywhere and at anytime.Read more...

About Appstraits

We are a startup company in Dublin, Ireland specializing in mobile and tablets app development for the world’s most popular platforms like Apple iOS and Google Android. We draw in clients from all over the world, though our main focus will be on Ireland and Europe. The people behind us are those with incredible experience having built apps like IEPPAL, Providence House, Cricitch, Realty Itch, Onam Legend, Kickitch, Radio Heartbeats, Student Checkin, Church Equip, Generic Church App.

In 2007, soon after the launch of the “App Store”, we embarked on our iPhone development activities. Now, over 100 successful apps later, both for iPhone, iPad and Android platforms, it’s fair to say that we definitely know what works in mobile and tablets. From user interface architects to engineers, we believe our creative team is world class and that’s a class apart!.

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