IEPPal iPad Application

IEPPal is an iPad based data collection tool that enables Special Education Professionals of ALL DISCIPLINES from Speech and Language to OTs to Autism and even General Ed to capture observed student event data. Designed around an emerging touch screen handheld market, IEPPal’s primary aim is to allow for data to be collected easily during structured sit down sessions or in ad-hoc field environments. Read more...

23 Avenue iPad Application

An elegant cloud solution for the restaurants and chains, with mobile/tablet add ons for smooth cutting edge operations! Totelier suite comes with all that is necessary to run single mom-n-pop restaurants to multi-vertical chains spread across geographical areas. A total solution with mobility and cloud in mind, this easy to setup and operate suite of tools give both agility and operational elegance for its users . It comes with cloud based centralized back office web application to customize and configure business verticals, outlets, menus and access rights. Also it provides a whole can of reports and dashboard status for at-a-glance to ad-hoc reports that give to the minute sales status from all outlets where the solution is up and running.Read more...

Church Equip Mobile & Web Applications

Church Equip is the ultimate church management solution and yes, the answer to your prayers! With Church Equip, you can now manage your church easily and instantly and that too at your very fingertips. What’s more, our feature-rich web and advanced mobile applications will help you manage your church from anywhere and at anytime. Church Equip’s features are built to automatically manage your church so that you can focus more on the congregation and less on such management tasks. From membership management to ministry tracking and child safety to donations, Church Equip offers the latest features at attractive prices starting at under $1 a day. See how a dollar a day can gain you lots of time and money.Read more...

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iOS App Design and Development

Appstraits is a specialist in developing custom mobile applications and has been the preferred outsourcing partner of clients across the globe. Our iPhone web app development services are renowned for its customer focused approach that delivers result oriented solutions.

Android App Design and Development

Appstraits is an Android application development company that aims to offer Android app development services that break away from the traditional mould and offer something that is markedly different. For us, innovation is the secret to a high performance Android application.

HTML5 Mobile apps

We provide excellent services in e-commerce, smart and swipe card technologies, job search, online community with game event management and mobile technologies.We also offer IT Consultancy Services and services related to Business Applications.

HTML5 Websites

We, at Appstraits, consistently deliver creative, scalable web designs and solutions that reflect the personality, needs, and vision of our clients. The success of your online and offline branding, communications and marketing strategy is, and always will be, our goal.

We also undertake the following:

Responsive CMS Websites
Node.js/ExpressJs/AngularJs/Meteor based webapps
MongoDB based web apps
REST/JSON based web services for apps
E-Commerce customizations

We are open to taking on contract work and consulting as well. Talk to us

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